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SolarMax Renewable Energy Provider

SolarMax Renewable Energy Provider
SolarMax is the Southern California renewable energy leader. First to develop a fully-integrated residential energy storage device; First to develop in-house financing for solar projects; and first to design, engineer and assemble top-tier solar panels in California.
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Aid for SolarMax Customers Affected by the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles County

For all of the SolarMax Technology customers who live in Bell Canyon, Agoura, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Malibu that have been affected by the Woolsey Fire we want to let you know that we are ready to help you in your recovery efforts.

SolarMax In-House Financing Hits $85 Million Funded

Since 2008 SolarMax Technology has been California’s renewable energy leader. Unlike any other solar installation company, SolarMax has its own in-house finance company. In 2011 SolarMax Financial was launched and is the industry’s first in-house finance company for residential solar customers. As of today, SolarMax Financial has funded over $85 Million in solar ...

Solar in San Diego: The Sustainable Alternative for SDG&E Rate Payers This Year

While most Californians continue to benefit from a surging economy, homeowners in San Diego are preparing for a jolt when they open their utility bills.

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