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Aid for SolarMax Customers Affected by the Woolsey Fire in Los Angeles County

For all of the SolarMax Technology customers who live in Bell Canyon, Agoura, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks and Malibu that have been affected by the Woolsey Fire we want to let you know that we are ready to help you in your recovery efforts.

Defusing the Tariff Bomb

If you believe the recent headlines in the mainstream media, the solar industry's version of a missile attack occurred a few days ago, when the Trump Administration announced it would impose a four-year schedule of tariffs on imported crystalline-silicon solar cells and modules imported from China. Industry observers immediately - and predictably - warned of financial ...

Solarmax Sponsored Rider Jason Aguilar Inducted onto Yamaha's Wall of Champions

SolarMax Technology's sponsored rider, Jason Aguilar, was inducted onto Yamaha's Wall of Champions! Congratulations on an outstanding year, Jason, and what a way to end it!

Solar jobs are growing exponentially

Solar jobs are currently at an all-time high. In the Solar Foundation recently released results from its sixth annual solar industry census of 19,000 businesses across the country, it found that there were around 209,000 solar company employees last year, far higher than 174,000 in 2014.

Solar power is main source of renewable energy in California

Due to the rise in solar energy acceptance across the country and problems caused by the California drought, solar power moved ahead of both wind and hydropower in terms of the percentage it represents in the state's overall energy usage.

How to know if your house will benefit from solar panels

The California Energy Commission reported that nearly 19 percent of the state's electricity stemmed from renewable energy sources in 2013. This percentage is set to increase up to 50 percent by 2030, according to The Los Angeles Times. The U.S. Energy Information Administration also found that not only can photovoltaic (PV) solar panels lower your monthly utility ...

California electricity prices continue to rise

According to the Manhattan Institute, by 2020, one-third of electricity used in California will be generated from renewable resources. The state also plans to reduce greenhouse emissions by 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 and 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

California growing in residential solar power and options

Now is the time for residential, rooftop solar. Solar power is the fastest growing source of clean energy across the country, especially in California, where there are around 200,000 installed systems already, according to Greentech Media. The California Independent System Operator Corporation (ISO), the state's energy grid operator, recently approved new regulations ...

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