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Solar in San Diego: The Sustainable Alternative for SDG&E Rate Payers This Year

While most Californians continue to benefit from a surging economy, homeowners in San Diego are preparing for a jolt when they open their utility bills.

Power Customers Feel the Pinch at LADWP

Consumer spending continues to power much of the California economy, but not so much when it comes to Los Angeles Department of Water & Power electricity customers. That’s because bill payers there have less to spend following the LA City Council’s controversial 2016 decision to approve a five-year schedule of rate increases.

Escaping the Tyranny of SCE Rate Increases

According to figures outlined in a recent general rate case request by Southern California Edison, the utility seeks approval of $2.1 billion – yes, that’s billion – to modernize the grid. The reason: the seismic shift in the market place to distributed energy resources – like rooftop solar. And guess how the utility plans to pay for a large chunk of that investment? ...

The RPU Solar Rebate: Going, Going… Gone

Like a popular singer once sang, “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” That pretty much summarizes the fate of the popular residential solar rebate program offered by Riverside Public Utilities. The rebate program ends on December 29 of this year – but, if you’re planning to apply, the application must be submitted no later than December 14.

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