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Is solar a good fit for your home?

Amid the past year of record-breaking solar growth across the country, the residential market has grown the most. American homeowners added 437 megawatts of solar capacity last year, enough to power more than 71,000 houses. If you are thinking about cutting your energy costs and carbon footprint as well, here are four indicators that your home is good for solar: 

1. Your roof faces south or west

Photovoltaic solar panels are most effective when they are exposed to abundant sunshine. Roofs that face south or west (in the northern hemisphere) naturally get more sun than others, making them excellent candidates for solar installations. Even if your roof doesn't face south or west, however, it may still absorb enough sunlight to be effective for solar. To make sure, contact your local solar provider for a consultation. 

2. Your energy bills are high

Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars on their utility bills every month with solar energy panels. If those bills are high to begin with, the savings could outweigh the cost of solar panels right away. 

3. Your roof doesn't need replacing

If your roof will not need to be replaced for another 15-20 years, now is the perfect time to install solar panels for your home. It can be costly to remove and reinstall your solar system, so if your roof needs updating it is best to wait to install solar until  it is replaced. 

4. Your roof is shade-free

Even on cloudy days, solar panels receive enough rays from the sun to create power. However, shade from solid structures like trees or buildings prevents sun from reaching solar panels altogether. If your roof is free of shade, your photovoltaic solar panels will be able to perform at their peak. 

For a free consultation to see how much residential solar panel installation could save you, contact SolarMax Technology today. 

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