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California cities top list of most solar-friendly American metros

California cities make up five of the nation's 15 most solar-friendly cities, according to a report by the Environment California Research and Policy Center. Los Angeles and San Diego top the list, having installed the highest and second-highest solar photovoltaic (PV) capacities in the country, respectively. San Jose (5th), San Francisco (11th) and Sacramento (14th) ...

Google wants you to turn to solar energy

Google certainly wants you to turn to solar energy. The company's recently unveiled Project Sunroof an online tool that analyzes satellite images of your home or building and calculates its solar power potential. Then, after constructing a 3-D model of your rooftop, the tool provides an estimate regarding how much money solar panels would save you in the next 20 years ...

Navy signs record-breaking solar deal


A brief history of solar power technology

In this post, we highlight some of the most important breakthroughs of the last 176 years in solar energy technology and policy:

Top 3 benefits of adding solar to your home

Solar energy was first idealized as an unlimited resource that would require little maintenance and produce zero-emissions. As the cost of solar panels has dropped since those early days, making residential solar panel installation not only realistic, but marketable, even more benefits have become apparent. If you are considering installing solar panels for your home, ...

Top benefits of switching to solar power

The first question you, as a homeowner, must ask yourself is, "Is solar power worth it for me?" For a vast number of Americans, this answer is a loud and resounding yes. Not only can you work towards saving the environment through less dependence on fossil fuels to power your home, but you can also drastically lower or even eliminate your monthly utility bill ...

Energy efficient buildings responsible for more than $200 million in economic growth in Washington state

It has long been known that energy conservation efforts save companies money every year. Not only does energy efficiency save building owners and tenants money, it also strengthens the overall economy, according to a new report published by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC).

Solar energy gets permission to go rural

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has just approved spending as part of its Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) to fund grants and loans for 264 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects nationwide, according to Fox News. This funding amounts to around $63 million and will be distributed to these REAP projects, which are estimated to generate or save 207.8 ...

3 keys to keeping your solar panels working efficiently

Running automatically and virtually silently, it can be easy to forget solar panels are even there. As self-sustaining as they are, however, the efficiency of your residential solar panels can benefit from some basic maintenance you can do right at home. Here, we describe three tips to help your solar panels last. 

Clean Power Plan expected to capitalize on solar growth

On August 3 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released the final version of its Clean Power Plan, which has solar energy advocates celebrating. The plan, which aims to phase out coal-fired power plants in favor of low or zero-emission sources, encourages states to utilize wind and solar growth over nuclear and natural gas, as they are completely non-emitting.

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