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Hospital installs close to 150 solar panels on roof

Solar power is on the rise in America, a trend that can be seen in both residential and commercial installation of solar panels. For many installing solar is about saving money on monthly utility bills, while also being environmentally friendly. Yet for one hospital, their reasoning was a little more than that.

Some lawmakers resist renewable energy progress despite public support

Growing public support for environmental safeguards and renewable energy is growing by wide margins. According to a Hart Research Associates’ survey of possible 2016 voters, 87 percent of Americans endorse expanded renewable energy development and 82 percent wish the government would place limits on power plant carbon pollution. This support, however, is lost on many ...

New study outlines plan for all 50 states to run on renewable energy by 2050

One way in which the daunting and growing threat of climate change can be fought is through reinventing the entire nation's energy infrastructure through utilizing only clean, renewable sources. Though this seems like an impossible and idealistic task, Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford, and U.C. Berkeley researcher, Mark ...

Looking ahead to the bright future of solar energy

According to a new report from the Solar Energy Industry Association and GTM Research, more solar panels were installed on American rooftops this year than ever before. There were also more residential solar panels installed than natural gas power plants. Forbes reports that while this growth is definitely large in comparison to previous years, it is only just getting ...

Despite sunny days, Florida lags behind in solar energy

Solar is the future of green energy and the most environmentally friendly renewable resource for states and areas that receive large amounts of sunshine. One of the many advantages of solar energy is that it is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, which have a quickly approaching expiration date. According to local news outlet WFTV, despite sunny days, Florida ...

Netherland bike path produces solar energy

Six months ago, a section of bike path in the Netherlands was opened to the public. While only 230 feet long, it's known around the world for being partially constructed out of solar panels. The path serves as a testing ground for a roadway's ability to generate solar energy, and so far the test is going extremely well.

SE4All report analyzes global energy goals

The World Bank and the International Energy Agency have released their Progress Toward Sustainable Energy report for 2015.  The report is part of the UN's Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative, and coincides with the second annual Sustainable Energy for All Forum taking place in New York from May 18-21. The statistics in the report show marked progress ...

NASA develops solar panels modeled after origami

Brian Trease, a mechanical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, became fascinated with origami as an exchange student in Japan. Years later, Trease is working with researchers from Brigham Young University to design foldable solar panels modeled after the techniques of origami. NASA hopes to use these solar panels in future space expeditions.

Kansas IKEA debuts 'state's largest rooftop solar array'

On Tuesday, May 5, a Kansas IKEA debuts 'state's largest rooftop solar array'. According to IKEA, the Merriam store now boasts the "largest rooftop solar array" in the entire state of Kansas.

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as customers discover their financial benefits

More and more customers are choosing solar energy panels for their homes as solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as customers discover their financial benefits. In the past, the majority of the industry's customer base were expected to comprise of younger people, but now a number of customers nearing retirement age have begun to install solar panels as well. ...

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