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Spirit of the Entrepreneur

What does excellence in entrepreneurship look like? Well, if you want to see it up close and personal, you might want to make plans to attend the 2015 Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards in Riverside on November 10. Some 28 Inland Empire company founders and their businesses will be feted that evening – including, drum roll, please…SolarMax Technology!

Visionary Project Led By UC-Riverside, SolarMax Technology, Government and Industry Partners Points the Way to Solar’s Future

Shows Potential for Commercial-Scale Storage and Distribution

SolarMax-Hosted Education Event Nets 20,000 New Books for Inland Empire Students

K-12 Teachers Stock Up on Donated Reading Material for Kids

Students Charged Up Over New SolarMax Technology University

Innovative Curriculum Debuts in San Bernardino County High School

The White House's newest plan to scale up solar energy adoption

This week, the White House announced $120 million in programming designed to scale up solar energy across the country. In a series of executive actions, the president outlined his plan to fund projects in 24 states that encourage the technological innovation, growth and cost reduction necessary to bring solar energy to scale across the country.

New California bill promises 50 percent renewable energy in just 15 years

Last week, the California State Assembly passed SB 350, a bill that promises to boost renewable energy and make buildings twice as efficient as before. Officially named The Clean Energy and Reduction Act, the bill would require utilities to provide 50 percent of their electricity generation from renewable sources, such as solar, wind and geothermal power, by 2030.

The White House pushes to lower costs of residential solar panels

Recently the White House announced that there will be wide array of executive actions that will boost renewable energy and energy efficient programs and even encourage investments in these ventures. The Hill reports that more than $1 billion will be awarded in new loan guarantees. A couple certain benefits of these plans are a great push towards renewable energy ...

SolarMax Technology seeks to educate students

Recent California Department of Education data shows that over 4,000 students did not finish their high school degree in San Bernardino County. Business Wire reports that the county came in behind many other regions of the state in regards to graduation rates.

California colleges will compete in 2015 Solar Decathlon

The U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon is a collegiate solar competition that began in 2002 and held biennially since 2005. This year, the Solar Decathlon will take place in Irvine, California, where college teams from around the country are challenged to design, build and operate solar-powered houses. The competition started as a way to educate the public and ...

Navy signs record-breaking solar deal

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