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Exploring solars rise to power

Solar power and photovoltaic solar panels have skyrocketed in popularity among residential and commercial investors over the past few years. Between the lowering costs of solar energy panels and the increase in incentives to go solar, there are many reasons behind the increase in interest in this technology. However, as more homeowners and businesses deploy solar ...

Global solar market could exceed 180 billion dollars by 2021

A new study highlights significant growth in the solar energy panels industry, estimating incredible growth from 2015 to 2021. While the solar panel market reached $24.2 billion in 2014, the study, "Solar Panels Market Size, Share and Research Report From 2015 To 2021," performed by WinterGreen Research, estimates a value of $180.7 billion by 2021. "Solar panel market ...

France announces green roof law

France's new "green roof" law will require any new construction in commercial zones to have a roof covered in plants or solar energy panels. The nation boasts a mere 5 gigawatts of solar generation, lagging well behind Europe's more advanced nations in solar installation, such as Germany, which has closer to 40 gigawatts of installed solar power.

Study shows 5 percent solar shortchanges Californias growth

We recently discussed California's impressive growth in clean energy, with solar power accounting for 5 percent of total electricity production across the state in 2014. However, Breaking Energy recently released its estimates on small-scale solar production, such as residential solar panels and small business installations, which weren't taken into account by the ...

Renewable energy still the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions

While carbon recycling programs and scrubbing efforts are major considerations for cutting carbon pollution and trying to stem the damage done the environment, many states still find that investing in renewable energy and efficiency programs remains the most cost-effective strategy. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, clean power presents not only ...

Carbon emissions exhibited zero growth in 2014

Last year marked the first time in 40 years that there was zero increase in carbon emissions from energy providers over the previous year. According to The New York Times, efforts to counteract climate change and increase the use of renewable resources have allowed utility companies to stall the growth of carbon emissions.

2014 Marked Largest Growth For Solar Industry

While the power of solar panels to reshape the energy industry has been undeniable for a few years now, the recent data from 2014 shows just how much of a difference solar energy technology has made. According to GTM Research, a branch of Greentech Media, 2014 marked the largest growth year for photovoltaic solar panels yet, with 6,201 installations — 30 percent more ...

Federal tax credit on solar to end in 2016

At the end of 2016, residential solar credits from the Energy Policy Act of 2005 will end unless Congress extends the deadline. For homeowners considering solar energy panels, this means the time to invest is quickly closing.

California Public Utilities Commission denied new gas power plant in favor of renewables

The California Public Utilities Commission denied new gas power plant in favor of renewables as the proposed new gas-fired power plant by San Diego Gas & Electric "did not sufficiently consider preferred resources." According to GreenTech Media, this decision sets a precedent for the CPUC, deferring power preferences to renewable resources such as solar, wind and ...

Utility-scale solar builds nationwide

While California has led the nation in solar investments, the East Coast is beginning to ramp up its own utility-scale solar farms. According to Clean Technica, the original 13 states are seeing a spike in solar interest, led by New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

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