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Riverside Public Utilities Solar Rebate

Despite the increasing popularity of photovoltaic systems, many cities still continue to offer their residents rebates to reduce the cost of owning their own power.

White House announces new program to spread the benefits of solar power

According to CNBC News, the Obama administration is taking steps toward making solar power available for all Americans regardless of income as the White House announces new program to spread the benefits of solar power.

The White House wants more solar for Americans

The general public are not the only supporters of the vastly growing solar energy movement — the White House is also pushing for solar across the country. The Obama Administration announced recently that it will be installing more solar panels on rooftops in inner-city, poorer neighborhoods in an effort to fight climate change, while aiding in lowering high ...

Solar power is soaring due to federal tax credits

Solar power is soaring due to federal tax credits granted in the United States. In a recent study by Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), the total number of United States households equipped with solar panels has risen to around 700,000. Around 66,440 new solar systems were installed in just the first three months of this year, breaking records for previous ...

Solar-powered plane set to make longest flight yet

Solar Impulse 2, a solar-powered plane created by Solar Impulse, the Swiss long-range experimental solar-powered aircraft project, is poised to break records for the longest-duration solo flight and the longest distance flown by an entirely solar-powered aircraft, as reported by The Washington Post. Co-founder and pilot Bertrand Piccard and fellow pilot and founder ...

Hawaii makes history with aggressive renewable energy bill

Hawaii made environmental history when Governor David Ige signed four bills into law last week that will position the state as a leader in the movement for renewable energy. One law, House Bill 623, is being called the most aggressive clean energy goal in the country. This bill mandates that all of the state's electricity would stem from renewable sources by 2045. ...

Power line developer agrees to pay millions to help the environment

TDI-New England, a company that has plans to spend $1.2 billion to lay a 154-mile power line from the Canadian border to a town in central Vermont, will pay $284 million to eliminate environmental concerns about the project. These concerns stem from the fact that the cable will be buried along the bottom of Lake Champlain, a body of water on the Vermont-New York ...

Buy With Confidence

Being in the business for over 10 years, SolarMax Technology, Inc. has heard every concern that homeowners have when deciding to go solar. One of the biggest concerns is the issue of whether or not the solar panels will actually produce the amount of power estimated. In order to eliminate any skepticism, SolarMax is proud to introduce the new Power Production Guaranty ...

Solar power in California grid crosses 6,000 MW threshold

California's progress in adopting solar energy panels to generate clean, renewable power is second to none in the United States, and there's no greater proof of that than the long list of record-setting accomplishments the state has racked up in just the last couple years. Californians can now add one more achievement to that constantly growing list: 6,000 megawatts ...

Solar plan helps California farmers manage water shortage

Farming requires a unique ability to be flexible, even in the face of changing circumstances. Weather is notoriously unpredictable, prices rise and fall at the drop of a hat and the laws regulating your crop could change at a moment's notice.

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